When a contract is signed a sales representatives’ job is not finished.  Client management is an integral part of the sales process before, during, and after the project.  Some key points to remember when managing your clients are:

Be a Good Listener:   A client should always speak more than the sales rep.  A client should feel that they are being heard and ultimately understood.  The sales reps’ job is to ask follow up questions, manage expectations, educate and build a relationship with that client.

Make the Client Feel Valued:   Part of being a good sales rep is valuing your current clients.  They are what keep the company afloat.  This is an easy task through regular follow up calls to maintain the relationship, and make sure the client feels that they are not just another number.

Education:   Another part of the job is educating clients to make informed decisions.  When an informed decision is made the client is already happy and moving in the right direction.

Time Management:   Recognize that mismanaged time spent on a project is ultimately bad for the client.  They are using valuable dollars from their company, and a proper schedule is important for maintaining client feedback and fulfilled expectations.

Humility:   If something goes wrong, apologize.  People make mistakes, it is bound to happen at some point, but be humble and confront the mistake with a plan to correct it. Ultimately the client will appreciate honesty, and the timely fixes more than the mistake itself.

The mentality of a sales representative should always be “how can I make this project a positive experience for the client.”  When thinking about dealing with a customer, think of how you would want to be handled – it makes sales much easier in the long run.

These principles can be applied to your marketing efforts as well. Putting yourself in the mind of your customer will help you get an understanding of what they want and need to hear to build that brand trust. This will allow you to cater your marketing efforts to initiatives that help reinforce these key principles. If the foundation of trust, value and education are started with your marketing efforts, it puts your sales team in a strong position to build from and ultimately close the deal.